confidence in a bottle for temptingly natural skin

Here at Adam and Eve Skincare we love to do just that – care for your skin naturally.  We have a very simple approach and treat all youthful skin with the respect it deserves with two carefully thought out ranges, one for males (Adam) and one for females (Eve).  Whether your skin is normal, dry, combination, or you suffer from spots or acne, we believe our products will help your skin look its tempting and confident best.

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Botanical and natural ingredients are abundant in our formulations and offer a unique “one for all skin-types” approach. We spare you the head-scratching trying to decide which range is best for you. There is no scientific or helpful reason that we can find to stay away from anything but aggressive and sensitising ingredients and so we say NO to all the nasties and pore-clogging chemicals and YES to essential oils, botanicals, vitamins and minerals! The essential oils have been carefully selected for their benefits to the face and to delight with their uplifting aromas. Botanical ingredients are plentiful and include Green Tea, Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Willow Bark, Ginseng and Goji Berry and gentle skin balancing oils. Conditioning and cleansing Jojoba, Sunflower and Castor oil create great synergy and efficacy where skin diet is concerned. Alongside our skin care range we include a vitamin rich supplement, also containing minerals as support for acne and problem skin sufferers. Our vitamin supplement, clear complexion, contains Vitamin A to fight bacteria, Vitamin B to reduce sebum production, Vitamin C as a strong antioxidant, Vitamin D to help naturally cleanse pores and Vitamin E to lessen scarring as the skin heals. Minerals Chromium, Selenium, Copper and Zinc help support the immune system, balance hormones and aid repair of the cells..