Mother Your Muslin

2nd muslin image

Mother your Muslin

For all you Adams and Eves out there, the muslin cloth is your “partner in crime” to fight your skincare battles. Brace yourself as we embark of all the reasons why we adore our muslins and why you should too!

Our friend the muslin is becoming an essential within the skincare community. It is formed out of delicately woven threads of fabric making it simple, organic, natural and gently abrasive, so it carefully dislodges excess oils and sebum without causing irritation or inflammation. We are strong believers in not using aggressive ingredients or chemical cleansers that strip the skin of all natures’ natural protection and this is consistent throughout all Adam and Eve products. This is why the muslin, as an effective exfoliator, gets a warm seal of approval from the Adam and Eve tree as it cleanses pores lovingly and shifts unwanted debris.

We find a little warm water goes a long way and when combined with the cloth and our cleanser the two join forces and work wonders on all skin types from the very oily to the very sensitive. Pimple and acne sufferers can cleanse and polish their skin with confidence. By smoothing away rough patches it further improves absorption of our nourishing creams: “GARCONS – Active Moisturiser” for Adam and “VIVRE – Essential Moisturiser” for Eve.

We know all of you Adams and Eves are different and so are your cleansing regimes. Whether you prefer using the corner of the cloth for a more focused scrub or as a full faced soaked blanket, the muslin multitasks magnificently.

By giving your cloth a warm water soak, the muslin turns into your very own DIY home steamy spa facial kit. Simply wring out, place across the face and voilà you’re in a steamy skin sanctuary. Just make sure it is super clean first and this is why “Mothering your muslin” is our mantra for “tip top” looking skin.  For all the beauty benefits this best buddy of a cloth gives you, it is essential that you spoil it with a little TLC in return and treat it the full rinse it deserves after every skin cleanse. Remember not to leave it cold wet and neglected in the shower or scrunched up and unloved on the edge of the sink; rinse, wring and dry. A full blown washing machine adventure every 2-3 days ensures a bacteria free, fresh fragrant cloth and your skin will thank you for it. “Mother your muslin” and it will mother you.

Don’t have to stop at your face! Let the muslin love your figure too! When used in the bath or shower you can have baby skin softness without resorting to a rough body brush. Probably best to ear mark one muslin for the body and one for the face though.

As it ages with dignity and grace it will still have its place. How about reassigning it to achieve the perfect pout. We understand the nightmare of bitter British winds, but a little exfoliation with the aid of a dampened muslin renews and revitalises to reveal luscious plump lips.

This sacred multitasker is a skin carer by day, make – up remover by night and part time lip buffer. You’ll never look twice at your old face sponge again. But remember; always Mother your Muslin.