It’s all about anti-inflammatories

It’s all about anti-inflammatories… A quick flit to the Glastonbury Festival last week, where contrary to previous years, the sun actually shone; I was struck by the varying shades of reddened and bubbling skin that my fellow festival goers were stoically sporting. It is just so easy to burn in the British weather, especially when distracted by friends, entertainment and the holiday spirit. Time loses its urgency and hours pass without us realising that we have forgotten to cover-up. The cloud cover often tricks us in to believing that we are not in harm’s way. I have countless times sat through my children’s blustery and cloudy school sports days in Scotland, clothed in waterproofs and wrapped in a varied assortment of picnic rugs (not a style statement), to find that my escaping face and peeking décolletage have gone pink! How on earth?!

So with the damage done, how do we fix our reddened and inflamed skin? Anything that takes the heat out of it will of course help, but a second line of treatment is also a good idea, namely our plant extract friends – the anti-inflammatory. There are several that fall in to this category and their effectiveness can almost seem like watching a miracle happen!

Aloe Vera is probably one of the better known, referred to as the “plant of immortality” by the Egyptians. It contains over 75 different nutrients, repairs skin 8 days faster than a standard pharmaceutical cream. It is of course anti-inflammatory and antibacterial and eases eczema and psoriasis whilst acting as a superb moisturiser.  It also contains two hormones, Auxin and Gibberellins which provide the anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness. It also acts as a growth hormone, stimulating the growth of new cells and allowing the skin to repair quickly. Pretty amazing!

Another worth a mention is Roman Chamomile, again, used by the Egyptians and Greeks because of its ability to repair and treat all sorts of skin concerns. Bisabolol is the anti-inflammatory primary constituent of Chamomile and can also be found in skincare products under this name. Not only does it take inflammation down, but it conditions the skin due to its moisturising properties. As we know it is not only calming on the skin, but grab yourself a cuppa at night with a little spoonful of anti-inflammatory honey and relax the digestive system as you sleep.

There are so many more to shout about, but these two are probably the stars of the anti-inflammatory show. So if you want to take the sting and the redness out of your sunburn, eczema, rosacea, acne, shaving rash or bee sting, or just want to nurture, protect and nourish the healthy skin you have, look for skincare products with these special ingredients. Others to look for are; Meadowsweet, Marshmallow, Calendula, Green Tea and Comfrey. All can be found in our Adam and Eve Skincare products.