SPOTS – Let’s talk about spots

Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract

SPOTS – Let’s talk about spots, spots spots, those pesky pimples that make our lives a bit of a misery and in some cases a huge misery. Why do we get them? What do we do to get rid of them? Are some foods causing them? Are some products irritating them? SO many questions to […]

Natural Health International Beauty Awards Winner

Natural Health International Beauty Awards Winner…We are so pleased to win this “Highly Commended” award in the category of “Naturally Inspired Range”. To be acknowledge for our natural ethos throughout all our products means a lot to the Adam and Eve team. We had a fun day at the Natural & Organic Products Europe, where […]

Best New Beauty Brand – Bronze winner in the Pure Beauty Awards We are really thrilled to have been awarded the Bronze prize for Best New Beauty Brand in the 2015 Pure Beauty Awards, which is a Cosmetic Businesses Industry Magazine Award. This was hosted at the Savoy in London on 22nd November and had 35 categories in all areas of beauty.      

Slick Mummy Must Have Awards

We are delighted to have been voted a Slick Mummy WINNER 2015 MUMMY MUST HAVE AWARDS, BEAUTY CALM AND HYDRATE WITH ADAM + EVE PERFECTING SERUM AUGUST 14, 2015 Next week is ‘De-Stress Week’ on our site and we’ll be rounding up the best ways to relax, chill out and generally rise above the Summer […]

It’s all about anti-inflammatories

It’s all about anti-inflammatories… A quick flit to the Glastonbury Festival last week, where contrary to previous years, the sun actually shone; I was struck by the varying shades of reddened and bubbling skin that my fellow festival goers were stoically sporting. It is just so easy to burn in the British weather, especially when […]

Mum on the Run

Antoinette Crawford is the mother of three, qualified Aromatherapist and the founder of Adam and Eve Skincare. Today Antoinette is my mum on the run and as well as loving her products (look out for a review of Adam and Eve very soon) I find her approach to the school gates and juggling work and […]

Manface – Not to be missed

Discover for the 20-something. This is not to be missed Source:

Falling in love with ADAM

I was recently sent products from a new skincare brand called Adam and Eve. Now the name of this brand drew me in straight away not to mention their simplistic, beautiful packaging. Adam and Eve skincare thrive off the motto “Nature does nothing in vain”, meaning we can indulge our body with what we put on it […]

Mother Your Muslin

Mother your Muslin For all you Adams and Eves out there, the muslin cloth is your “partner in crime” to fight your skincare battles. Brace yourself as we embark of all the reasons why we adore our muslins and why you should too! Our friend the muslin is becoming an essential within the skincare community. […]