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Eve – Perfecting Serum. A fragrance-free and antioxidant rich calming and healing serum for the face and neck, replete with plant extracts including; Cucumber, Green Tea, Ginseng, Lady Thistle and Calendula.  It is a must for any skin type.

*A fragrance free product

*An oil free product

*Suitable for all skin types

Product Description

Eve – perfecting serum. A fragrance-free and antioxidant rich formula helps to nourish, hydrate and sooth. Ginseng, Calendula, and Milk Thistle calm and detoxify, whilst Vitamins C and E reduce inflammation and remedy scarring. A perfect product for all skin types.

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    This has been amazing for my skin! As a teenager I’m prone to the occasional outbreak of spots, yet this really clears them up, sometimes overnight! I love it.

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    I love this product it is particularly good for individual outbreaks of spots and works overnight! Particularly good to use the facewash just before and then add the serum.

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    Gorgeous product which glided onto my skin, absorbing instantly with no sticky feeling. Every other serum I have tried in the past has felt tacky. I am an Eve Serum convert forever.

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    This lovely product is not only a delight to use, but has cured some persistent eczema on my nose and leg!

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